A Concert Celebration of the Songs of Gordon Lightfoot

  • Theatre Smith-Gilmour

    Take Me Back to Jefferson (As I Lay Dying)
    Chekov’s Shorts
    Chekov’s Longs: In the Ravine
    Lu Xun Blossoms

  • Tomas Kubinek

    Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible
    Miracle Man

Artist Management

As of September 1st, Fox Entertainment Agency will be offering Artist Management Services to our existing roster of artists as well as to artists and small performing arts companies at large!

Tour Management (incl. Budgeting and Coordination)
Grant Writing
Publicity and Promotion
Tour Sponsorship Solicitation
‘On The Road’ Touring Consultation

The new and improved Fox Entertainment Agency now also offers Customized Entertainment for Private and Corporate Events. Looking for a musical guest, a comedic host or a string quartet for your next event? We’ve got you covered! Fox Entertainment Agency has relationships with professional Artists of all disciplines, and we’ll help you to make yours an event to remember.