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    Take Me Back to Jefferson (As I Lay Dying)
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    Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible
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Cathy Jones

Master of a thousand voices, Cathy Jones is a Canadian television icon and an audience favourite for an unprecedented 25 years. She’s a founding member of the award-winning comedy troupe CODCO, past member of the Wonderful Grand Band, and has starred in every season of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. A brilliant stage actress, her one-woman shows have included Wedding in Texas, and Me, Dad and the Hundred Boyfriends. Cathy’s film career includes the lead role in the Mike Jones classic, Secret Nation, and the highly-acclaimed feature film, The Grand Seduction, with Brendan Gleeson and Taylor Kitsch. Cathy is as popular with her peers as she is with fans, winning an incredible 18 Gemini Awards for her work as a writer and performer. Cathy is a passionate advocate for the environment, a Buddhist, a mother, and a proud grandmother who works and writes from her eco-home on the East Coast.



Meticulously crafted… A blistering 70 minutes, Jones covers a multitude of topics, unapologetic and resplendent in her skintight leather pants and Kirk Cobain t-shirt….From Facebook and relationships, to Tindr and Newfoundlanders, there is something that almost everyone in the audience can relate. …A combination of personal insights and characters, Stranger to Hard Work is funny and smart.

– Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents



the Newfoundland born-and-raised comic slips in and out of character, sings, and reads from an unfinished project, all the while delivering pithy asides and rapid-fire digressions.

– Michael Grills, Vancouver Sun



Written & Performed by Cathy Jones

Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr


Canadian cultural icon, comedienne and one of the funniest women on television, Cathy Jones, returns to the stage with her third one woman show, Stranger To Hard Work. In this new show Cathy shares her unique perspective on a variety of topics from food to money and the troublesome people in her life. It’s a funny, thought provoking look at what she’s learned in life so far. (80 mins)


“Jones’ show is a 75 minute bombardment of energy, high spirits and wit” – Stephen Pederson, The Chronicle Herald


“people came to world stage theatre to see the best of CODCO but they are going away amazed at the best of Cathy Jones”  – Ray Conologue, The Globe and Mail


Running Time: Approx. 80 min,
No Intermission

Size of Company: 2

Adult Content




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Aug. 11 / 17 – The Fork (2017 Canada Summer Games) – Winnipeg, MB

Oct. 20 / 17 – Burlington Performing Arts Centre – Burlington, ON

Oct. 24 / 17 – The Rose Theatre – Brampton, ON

Oct. 25 / 17 – FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre – St. Catharines, ON

Oct. 26 / 17 – Capitol Centre – North Bay, ON