Louis Riel


This live-action puppet epic takes an intrepid look at some of our nation’s founders as it steams through early Canadian history, revealing a rugged and treacherous landscape both in life and politics. Despite Riel’s troubling visions, he was a gifted leader in a time when defying the dominant society was a treacherous affair. Part adventure story, part history lesson, and completely fascinating, Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Stage Play is charged with controversy and irreverence in its depiction of Canada’s historical figures and RustWerk’s eerily naïve, yet remarkably evocative, puppets are right off the page, a tribute to the vibrant and stunning artistry of Chester Brown.

I guess you could add: This show lives in both adult and TYA, French, English, and bilingual versions.


“A constant and endlessly inventive source of delight.” – Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette

“À new pas manquer.” – Françine Grimaldi, Radio-Canada



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