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Millan & Faye

Millan and Faye Present: The Opera takes the audience on an exhilarating and hilarious journey of being barely able to speak in public to becoming an opera singer.  This highly interactive performance engages the audience, having them become auditioner, orchestra, chorus, and perhaps even find themselves on stage alongside Kyra and Tina! Commissioned for 6 consecutive years by the COC, Millan and Faye Presents The Opera has had a highly successful 2016/17 season, with sold out performances all over Ontario. Their ability to relate to any audience while also performing at the highest caliber of musicianship makes this show a must see. 2Pianos, 4Hands meets Second City and the TSO.

” A delicious mix of coloratura soprano, audience engagement and charming humour. You come away smiling, having heard great singing and leaned a little about opera! What more could you ask for?”

– Caroline Hollway, Producer, Harbourfront

“Kyra Millan and Tina Faye make exquisite fun of that rarefied art form “The Opera”, a delightful parody for opera aficionados as well as he opera challenged that brings together great humour and great music with the absolute absurdity of it all”

– Scott Peterson, Chairman, Cornwall Concert Series


Artist’s site


Upcoming Performances:

Orillia Concert Association November 26th, Orillia Opera House, 3 pm

Four Seasons Centre, RBA, March 15th, 12pm

Weefestival 2018 – Dates TBD