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Tom Allen

Most people who have listened to CBC Radio 1 or 2 will be familiar with the voice of Tom Allen. At the moment he is the host of Shift on Radio 2. His programs are filled with interesting facts about the selection, the composer and about history and our time.

Tom is also a host and consultant for symphony orchestras and is an author, a musician and broadcaster with a Master’s degree in Music Performance from Yale. He worked as a professional trombonist in Toronto and New York and has had his own radio program on one or other of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s networks for 23 years. He loves telling the stories of how and why a piece of music may have become the way it is, and, as the critics agree, he is very good at it.

Most recently Tom has written a series of shows that mix storytelling, chamber music and original popular songs to bring classical music and the stories behind it to life in an inspiring and accessible format. These “chamber musicals” feature a brilliant and diverse cast and have been presented at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, Music Niagara, Toronto’s Luminato Festival, theatre and music festivals across Ontario and at Toronto’s Soulpepper theatre, where Tom is a 2014 Resident Artist.



The Missing Pages

Directed by Richard Greenblatt

On December 16, 1825 Theodor Molt became the sole Canadian to meet Ludwig van Beethoven, but what could have happened between the two men? After Molt’s florid greeting in one of Beethoven’s notebooks, the following four pages were violently ripped out and destroyed. Betrayal? Competition? Scandal? Or just old fashioned ego and pride? With music, song, drama, history and informed speculation, The Missing Pages investigates.


Ric Waugh – Ludwig van Beethoven
Tom Allen – Anton Schindler
Patricia O’Callaghan – Susannah Sotto
Bryce Kulak – Theodore Molt
Lori Gemmell – harpist


“A fabulous production!” – J. Flemke, Ottawa

“It’s a hit!” – D. Nichols, Sarnia


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes with intermission




From Weimar to Vaudeville

America emerges from the Great Depression while Germany descends into darkness and chaos. Two brothers, princes of musical royalty, reach to each other across hardship and time as the world tilts again toward war. Featuring music by Richard Strauss, Kurt Weill, Fletcher Henderson, Mozart, Brahms, and stunning original songs, From Weimar to Vaudeville is Tom Allen’s vivid imagining of the 20s and 30s: dirty as ever and roaring loudly enough to be heard half-way ‘round the world.






Tom Allen: narration, trombone, voice
Kevin Fox: voice, cello, guitar
Lori Gemmell: harp, trumpet, piano, voice
Bryce Kulak: piano, voice, accordion
Patricia O’Callaghan: voice, piano, percussion
Peter Gemmell: woodwinds


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes with intermission






As the thunderclouds of the Great War pile up and burst, the musical revolutionary Claude Debussy and his one-time follower Maurice Ravel compete for the love of their proud, fickle, darling, Paris. The Judgment of Paris is a mix of cabaret, history and story-telling with timeless music by Debussy and Ravel, as well as original songs by the performers. It is new and old, heroic and tragic, history and fiction – and may the best composer win.


Tom Allen: narration, trombone, voice
Kevin Fox: voice, cello, guitar
Lori Gemmell: harp, trumpet, piano, voice
Bryce Kulak: piano, voice, accordion
Patricia O’Callaghan: voice, piano, percussion


“…beautiful arrangements of works by both composers as well as evocative new compositions riffing on themes in their life and music.”– NOW Magazine


“…love, war, history, art and beauty. I was entertained and moved as well as educated.”  – Emily Hanlon, Ottawa Chamberfest


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes with intermission






Written  by  Tom  Allen

If you have  listened to  CBC  Radio  1  or  CBC Music you will  be  familiar with  the  voice  of  Tom  Allen, who currently hosts the weekday afternoon show, Shift.  He is a musician and storytellerwho fills his programs  with interesting  facts  about  the  music,  the  composer and the forces that shaped them both.

Tom is the perfect storyteller to bring you inside the remarkable house that was 7 Middagh Street in Brooklyn, NY, where, in the early 1940’s, an amazing collection of artists lived under the same roof.  The poet W.H.  Auden,  the Southern writer Carson  McCullers, the  composer  Benjamin  Britten and the burlesque  entertainer  and aspiring  writer Gypsy  Rose  Lee all lived and frolicked there, followed, soon after, by just about everyone else in pre-war Manhattan. The  story  of  the house and the  Bohemians living there is  brought  to  life  with  music written by the people living there, as well as a number of original songs by the cast: singer/pianist and actor Bryce Kulak, cabaret singer Patricia O’Callaghan and harpist Lori Gemmell.

With humour, tragedy and dollop of juicy gossip, Bohemians in Brooklynbrings you inside one of the most fascinating addresses in history.


 “Beautifully punctuated… brought the songs to vivid life.” – NOW Magazine


Tom Allen: narration, trombone, voice
Lori Gemmell: harp, guitar, voice
Bryce Kulak: piano, voice
Patricia O’Callaghan: voice, percussion


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes with intermission






Mixing theatre, story-telling, riveting dance and powerful music, The Last Curlew brings to the stage the pioneering environmental novel by the Canadian naturalist Fred Bodsworth – The Last of the Curlews. This timeless and beautiful tale traces the journey of a lone male Eskimo Curlew, one of the last of its kind, on that critically endangered bird’s astonishing 14,000 km migration.

With haunting music by Ralph Vaughan-Williams and Alexina Louie, this, the only stage adaptation of Bodsworth’s career-defining work, has the blessing of his children and has been warmly welcomed by the naturalist and birding community across Canada.


Lori Gemmell: Harp
Etsuko Kimura: Violin
Julia Aplin: Dance
Tom Allen and Annika Broadhead: Narration




The Storied Harp tells the tale of The Death of Hercules, with lyrical and haunting music from Songs of Nymphs by Canadian composer Marjan Mozetich, and,

The Crown of Ariadne – music by R. Murray Schafer, with a story taken from Greek mythology. Originally conceived as part of Schafer’s art circus The Greatest Show, The Crown of Ariadne puts the harpist at the centre of a virtuoso, multi-instrument tour de force. The story – the myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur – is a riveting tale of heroism, love at first sight, and fate.


Tom Allen: Narration
Lori Gemmell: Harp


“Gemmell not only played the harp superbly but also played an array of percussion instruments. At times she was playing the harp with one hand and banging drums with another. Can someone arrange a bonus in her paycheque?”  – Ottawa Citizen




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Sat Oct 27th 8pm – The Missing Pages @ the Cornwall Concert Series, Cornwall ON
Sun Nov 4th 1:30pm – The Missing Pages @ Kingston Road United, Toronto ON
Sun Nov 11th 4pm – From Weimar to Vaudeville @ Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Burlington ON
Sun Dec 2nd 1pm – The Judgment of Paris @ The Royal Conservatory, Toronto ON