Tom Jones


Woody Sed is a play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and the songs he sang about them. Featuring 19 songs, Woody Sed offers a cascade of 25 colorful characters, all bundled up in a true to life tale. Woody was a prolific and provocative writer, the father of the 1960’s folk revival and, according to Billy Bragg, the first ‘alternative’ musician. Take a trip into Woody’s world through his own words and music.


“Woody Sed is pure magnificence.” “… his performance is absolutely unforgettable.” Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 5 stars

“In Woody Sed , balladeer/ writer/ performer Thomas Jones brings Woody to singular life.’ Edmonton Sun, 5 suns (stars)

“Touching, funny, and full of heartbreak, Woody Sed is a powerful piece delivered by a powerhouse talent.” – Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg




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